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    "no mum, we are not building an A-Z of London"

  • Why we started

    We’re a young, social team who love  Hollabox is there to help people create memories and exciting times.


    So often we get told “oh you should go there”, or “why don’t we try this place today”...and with London’s plethora of offerings, we felt that being able to physically see inside a place, quickly and easily would give the best insight and make our lives easier to help us decide!


    we are creating a collection of the best places in London, will your business make the cut?

  • We want the best and most interesting places on hollabox, so if we’ve been in touch...well you should be flattered! You’re doing an amazing job showing how awesome your business is.


    But now we want to shout about it too! And honestly? It couldn’t be easier for you. We simply send one of our content collectors to your establishment, and we use smartphone video to film what’s happening right there and then! We’ll be sure to show off all the cool things you offer, whether it’s that one of a kind drink, live music or today’s special… we want to show your unique and exciting offering to the rest of London!


    We then take the footage, edit, and wrap it all up onto our app...and the best thing? It’s O% effort from you! Just let us in, share some stories or good tips for filming at your place, then let us work some 5 minute magic. Hollabox guarantees to be rewarding, hassle-free and a great opportunity to market yourselves to some new local customers.

  • Showcasing your business

  • The app to see the best things in London... and we literally mean to step in and “see”.

  • Privacy Policy

    Hollabox does not sell, rent or lease your personal information to any third parties.

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    What Information Do We Collect?

    We collect certain information when you connect to or use Hollabox in various ways. This information may be information that can identify you as a person or non-personal information and is either collected automatically or as a result of your specific input of the information. All information collected in any way is referred to collectively in this Policy as "Information." All Information is currently processed and stored in the United Kingdom on either Hollabox’s servers or within Firebase Hollabox Database.

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    Changes to this Statement

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    We very much appreciate your opinion. If you have comments or questions about our privacy statement, please email us at support@hollabox.com

    Last Updated: May 23rd, 2017

  • Let us know your thoughts

    There is a short embedded questionnaire on the last slide which will only take up a few minutes of your time to fill out, it will give us a great sense on what your thoughts were and how we can improve. Thanks in advance for your insights.

    If our investor presentation has peaked your interests, then get in touch. You can meet the team, get access to our supporting documentation and discuss any questions you may have. You can connect with us at team@hollabox.com or if you know us; email direct to adam@hollabox.com or arun@hollabox.com

  • Hey You!


    Welcome to the Hollabox movement.


    We've built the next generation peer to peer reviewing platform,

    so you can discover the best venues and experiences around you, all through video.


    Now you're part of our growing community, we want you to share your own experiences so you

    can help others make better decisions about where to go out in London.  

  • Where you come in

    Anyone can use the hollabox app to review experiences in London but we wanted to work specifically with you because we love the content you're already creating. You're aleady out there sharing your experiences so why not create content for us and be rewarded.


    We aren't too picky about the types of venues but ideally they should fall under: experiences, restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, coffee, music, sports, desserts, markets, clubs, pop-ups and stores.


    We're not looking for big chains or shops so no McDonalds or Topshop!


    Similarly to how you would film your own instagram stories, you create a story for us and

    we reward you with free experiences.

    What does this content look like?


    When creating your story think about the following:

    • Why would my friends think this place is cool?
    • What do you like about the food/drink/experience?
    • How has the experience made you feel?
    • Have you met anyone interesting who works there?

    Add your thoughts using captions on instagram stories. Show off the food, drinks, atmosphere and talk to the staff to learn about things your audience should know. Remember to be honest with your opinions.

  • So how does it work?

    Download the hollabox app from the Apple App Store.


    Choose a venue

    Search where you want to review


    Film videos

    Use the built in camera to film your story


    Add captions

    Tell us about your experience



    Your video will published live on our app and website

  • Other key points

    Whilst there is lots of freedom in how you tell your story, there are some restrictions.

    • Videos are filmed using a smartphone.

    • All videos must be shot vertically.

    • We can't use photos in the review but if you want to send us some that we can use for the content thumbnails or our instagram, please email them to emily@hollabox.com

    • Individual clips should be between 5 - 20 seconds.

    • Take 5 or more video clips to make up your story.

    • You can use emojis.

    • Don't use stop motion or superzoom.

    • Everytime you view, share and create content you will be receive points. These points progress you through levels where you can be rewarded with free experiences.

    If you have questions, contact emily@hollabox.com.

    We look forward to seeing your amazing stories!

  • “Share your life with others. You will have a joyful life.”

    ― Lailah Gifty Akita

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